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Quality Control System

We Follow Standard procedures that Keeps Our Product Quality as a Premium Product.

During the manufacturing process, samples are collected at various stages and tested for quality in the attached laboratory by trained personnel.
Each batch of the final product is sampled statistically and tested.

We have prepared our own Quality Plan to test material Right from Raw Material to finished products and the plans as per ASTM Methods and various standard testing methods.

Our Company products are iso certified and named for our activated carbon quality among Asia and also in our International market. We care about our quality not the quantity

Testing Methods

For Activated Carbon in Raj Carbon Lab


High Purity and High activity

Acid Washed – A process whereby the activated carbon is washed by acid to remove the water-soluble ash. Acid wash carbon has extensive internal structure, neutral surface, maximum hardness, extended operational life, high volume activity, and rapid pH stabilization. This activated carbon is produced for use in ultra-pure water treatment systems requiring low conductivity and exceptionally high purity. This activated carbon is also specifically designed for the removal of heavy hydrocarbons from recovered condensate. The acid washing process removes soluble silica from the matrix of the activated carbon to prevent leaching into the condensate.

Acid wash carbon is used in various applications such as Condensate de-oiling, semiconductor process water, dialysis treatment, point of entry treatment units, and protection of reverse osmosis membranes from chlorine and organic fouling.

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